Addressing Environmental Issues

In Week 5 of Greening the Economy, Sustainable Cities course on Coursera, Jennifer Lenhart gives three useful ways to influence people to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Shift Barriers: If the barriers to adoption of public transport are its unpredictability, suggest ways to work around that limitation.

Work with Local Leaders: Take the help of Local Leaders who are respected in the community.

Target Specific Groups: Instead of sending out a generic message target specific audience for a closer connect


पनामी कागज

31 अप्रैल 2016. दबाने में एक्सपर्ट माने जाने वाले पनामा आइलैंड्स के वैग्यानिकों ने यह पता लगाया है कि कैमिकल्स से भरे आमों की गुठलीयां वर्जिन प्लास्टिक के डस्टबिन में फेंकना मनुष्यों के लिये हानिकारक है। इससे आमों के कैमिकल्स वर्जिन प्लास्टिक में चले जाते हैं। और जब वह प्लास्टिक रिसाइकल होता है तो वापस हमारे पेट में चले जाते हैं। उनका कहना है कि इन आम कैमिकल्स से पैदा हुई आम बीमारियों से बचने के लिये आम की गुठलियां केवल मिट्टी में दबाएं और ऊपर कुछ पानी डाल दें। पर ध्यान रहे कि पानी लीक न हो। से प्रेरित काल्पनिक रचना

Storing Message Strings in a Relational Database or Not

We have an application that showed different messages to the user depending upon her state of application use. These messages were stored in a MySQL database. That must have been an obvious place to store text initially. However with time I have felt plain text files could have worked as well, if not better. –

  • Text lookup does not require a connect followed by a query or perhaps less of it.
  • Text changes don’t require database upgrades and the corresponding times.
  • Text can be compared easily with prior versions. With a database that could require restoring from a backup, exporting data and then comparing it.
  • Development tools provide extensive infrastructure for managing translations in text files. This has to be retrofitted, if at all used, when text is inside a database.

Not Losing Translations

  • Use plain text: Use it over any proprietary format. This will simplify review of edits otherwise you may end up reviewing the entire documents over and over
  • Source control: Apart from its other benefits, it will make sure everyone has the right version.
  • Standardize: Use a standard translation for different words/phrases. This will help find/replace when if you want to revisit/change.
  • Size: On most platforms non English text takes at least twice the space. If there are size constraints, know them early
  • Simplify: Prefer simple day to day language over a literary masterpiece. This not only makes it easy for your audience but can sometimes lower translation costs.